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Zoo Snow Leopard Dies From Covid

On Oct 3 Baya a two year old snow leopard started showing signs of illness at the south Dakota zoo with a cough. On oct 4th, she was found lethargic with rapid declining Respiratory function, testing positive the day prior with Covid. Yes, the same covid humans are battling! Sadly Baya died later that evening.

Snow leopards have been on the conservation list since 2017, still listed as venerable in the wild which is only one step up from endangered.

This is not the first big cat species to test positive for covid, in fact the New York zoo has had numerous big cats test positive since covid started sweeping across the nation.

The real question to ask is we are able to test captive animals, but whats going on with the wild animals?? What percentage have been subjected to covid, and would species transfer lead to another super strain??

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