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Wireless Post Surgery bra

Hi everyone if your not from the UK then you need to read this, there is a new bra called wireless post Surgery bra which i found at primark, 2 for £12, they are amazing.

If you are like me and you don't like wired bras then this is this bra that you might like, its amazing as it has a zip at the front which means you just have put your arms through the straps and then zip it up the front of the bra, there is no need to swing it round your waist to get to the clips at the back of the bra as many people have problems reaching the bra clips at the back. There is no discomfort from the zip as there is material covering the zip area, so it does not dig into you skin and at the top of the bra there is a little pouch that goes around the zip so it does not unzip while you are wearing it.

Written by Sam callaghan

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