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Which one would you say would break tiktoks community guidelines?

These 2 videos was put on tiktok and only 1 was stated to have breached tiktoks rules and because of that I have now been told I've been banned for 8 days, but which was banned for breaking rules.

Well my video was the blurred out video that shown on independent news, yet the other that was allowed was on youtube and yet tiktok said that did not break any community guidelines.

Now tell me which is more violent? Their one that shows the Chinese woman shown to have been slapped in the face hard knocking her out and you can see it more or mine that that doesnt show anything as the police already blured it out. Yep you got it was mine that breached the rules and yet it ok to show a Chinese woman getting attacked. Tiktok seem to be picking on a lot of ppl these days, yet they allow the bullies to stay on and leaving the victims to feel vulnerable and alone. Are you a victim like me and can prove you been bullied on or by tiktok then please get in contact and we will do are best to help you.

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