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Twitter executives gets questioned by the US house oversight committee over covid vaccine

If you are like me that was told by their government to take the covid vaccine to save lives, then watch this video.

Twitter executives admit that they delibrately banned real doctors to share infomation that would help the ppl make a better decition if they should or should not take the vaccine.

Who was told if they did not take the vaccine they would lose there job?

yet it was not neccessary unless you had an underline health problem and at no point was children supposed to take the vaccine.

Yet twitter suppressed this infomation by real doctors and anyone that tried to pass out this infomation was shut down.

Who else out there would of took it if not forced to in fear of losing their job or worse?

Why you might ask? Why would twitter do this, because they was told to by not only the us governments, but buy every government throughout the world, this just shows how big this is.

There was truth out there but every time doctors or others tried to show the truth they was shut down.

This was not just twitter tho, this was every platform and anyone that stood up for whats right their accounts was shut down.

How many of you out there is outraged by what you are hearing now? How many of you out there is suffering because of what the vaccine has done to you?

Tell me your thoughts on this?

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