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Tiktok community guidelines

OK let's talk about tiktoks community guidelines, as you can see they will not allow violent videos on tiktok right, so tell me why is it that videos like this one is allowed then.

There is many more like this on tiktok and when you report them they don't break any community guidelines. There not just these types on tiktok there is videos where people threaten people and yet its allowed and doesn't breach any community guidelines, yet tiktok allows the bullies to say what they want, but if the victim speakfights back it will be removed from tiktok and your video will be removed and you could be banned for just defending yourself.

See this is why we all need to speak out and unite as this is not a safe platform to be on but at the same time we cannot allow tiktok to do this to ppl and get away with it.

If you are a victim on tiktok or tiktok is banning you for something you being a victim, then please contact us and together we can fight against tiktok and show we will not back down and we will be heard.

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