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The driving force behind cybermax

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Things have certainly changed just over the past two years when it comes to ANYTHING regarding possible life away from earth. Information released today would have never made it past those with classified positions. A perfect example of sign of the times

Looking through some of the strongest telescopes, researchers have pinpointed an object with unusual, yet noticeable lights that go from bright to off, as well as circulate around the object, stop and go the other direction. Researchers have not given the object a name, they are simply calling it a fickle object. They did however give the object a name which coordinates where it was located in the night sky ASKAP J173608.2-321635. I think calling it "the fickle object" or simply "ufo" Would simplify

Initially they thought it was an energy cluster, however the light work and sounds are obviously a deliberate

It was initially spotted by using the Australian square kilometer array pathfinder radio telescope. South Wales was next, followed by South

Researchers are patiently waiting for a super high power telescope which should be completed within the next decade. Who knows, if Extraterrestrial activity continues to pop up, there might be no need for a From the tender age of four, CyberMax remembers going through his first trauma, his parents divorcing. Almost 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce, 41% of those are first time marriages. In addition, 23% of the children will experience ongoing emotional and behavioral issues. CyberMax held on to the feelings and thoughts that the divorce was his fault, feeling his mother no longer loved or wanted him. This same thought pattern shared by thousands of other kids who are not offered or receive proper help with divorced parents. It can also create a lifelong pattern of no longer feeling loved and or valid., This created a relationship where he idolized his father.

At nine years old, still feeling unwanted, and unloved, the neighbor started showing him attention. This attention resulted in him being molested. He was fearful to tell his father, fearing he would no longer even want him. CyberMax broke down and told his, father who instantly became outraged, his face red, his voice stern and loud telling him to go to his room now. The police were called. His father told him that he loved him, and that he didn’t do anything wrong, but “do not tell anyone what happened here. What happens at home, stays at home”. This just adding to the feelings of being unwanted, unloved, and now ashamed, and certainly not feeling validated. CyberMax started receiving professional counseling for these seemingly endless traumas. His father remarried, unfortunately to a woman who had no desire to pursue a healthy relationship with CyberMax. In fact, when his step mom entered the picture, what little attention he received from his father quickly disappeared, leaving him feeling completely alone. This landed him seeking attention anywhere he could find it, unfortunately that happened to be with a bad crowd. This is when his troubles grew exponentially as he embarked upon a downward spiral.

When CyberMax was 11 years old, his father and step mom had separated. Instead of bringing him and his father closer, it put his father into a depression. One morning, before waking up, he was startled by someone pounding frantically at the door. There stood a police officer and the paramedics. Puzzled, he asked if he could help them. They said they had received a distress call, and that they needed to check on everyone in the house. He told them it was only him and his father. They asked to speak with his father, and he told them that he was sleeping. They stated that they were Following up on the phone call they had received from his step mom, where she stated “it wasn’t what was said, but the way he said it”. He walked to his father's room where he saw his dad laying across the bed. The phone cord was stretched over to where the headset was, at his ear. CyberMax called out for his dad a few times, but there was no movement. He Reached his arm out to touch his dad, when he realized his dad was cold to the touch. Immediately he ran to the cop and paramedics, screaming “Help my dad!”. They kept CyberMax in the main room of the house while they were in the room with his father. An officer walked in and told him that his mom was on the way to come get him. The officer then identified himself as a homicide detective, CyberMax instantly broke down. Although he was only `11 years old, he knew homicide meant his father was dead.

The pain he experienced was indescribable. He just wanted it to go away. Across the street there was a group of older kids that sold drugs. He walked over at the tender age of 11 and got a bag of pills and some marijuana. This was the start of a 16-year addiction.

Between the age of 11 and 13, CyberMax finally united with his mother. Still carrying the feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and simply not valid what so ever, his problems quickly graduated from his home life to being kicked out of several schools. He was doing drugs, selling drugs, and sneaking out at night. The last straw was when he got into a fight after some kid spit on his shoe. CyberMax removed his belt, hogtied the kid, and started kicking him. This, in combination with the drugs, had driven his mother to seek another school for him to attend. One that could possibly get him back on the right track.

One evening CyberMax came home around 10pm. His mom asked if he was in for the night, to which he answered “Yes”. The phone rang and he overheard his mom telling someone to come on. A short time later there was a knock at the door. His mother looked at him and said for CyberMax to answer the door. As soon as he opened the door, he was wrestled and surrounded by 4 huge men. They handcuffed him and escorted him to his room to gather a few belongings. They then walked him out the door and wrestled him into a vehicle they had waiting. He wasn’t even allowed the opportunity to say goodbye to his mother. It all happened so quickly.

He was given absolutely no information. He was not told where he was going. All he was told was if he made any type of scene, the police would be called and he would be put in jail. They informed him that upon his release, they would be waiting for him... and this entire process would start again. They stopped at a hotel. Upon entering, he saw there were only two beds. He asked which one was his, and was told neither of them were. They chained this 13-year-old kid to the frame of the bed, still handcuffed, and that’s where he slept.

The next morning they went to the airport. A jacket wrapped around his handcuffs, so no one would see them. They boarded Jamaica Airlines. CyberMax, seeing the word Jamaica, had an instant bout of excitement saying, “If you would have told me this is where I was going, I would have gladly come with no problems”. Little did he know that even though his destination would be Montego Bay, Jamaica, that he would soon be a child prisoner of the WWASP program. This program was held at the notorious school known as Tranqulility Bay

He suffered almost two straight years of unspeakable abuse here, ranging from verbal, physical, and sexual. His basic human rights were stripped from him and basic needs, for the most part were not even met. He was starved, molested, beaten, made to live in the most deplorable environment one can imagine. He was only allowed limited, monitored phone calls to his mother. Everything here worked off a point system, including talking and using the restroom. If you defied rules, you were subjected to being wrapped up in a blanket, duct taped, and thrown in a dark room for anywhere from a few hours to days. This included no water, no food, and no access to the restroom. There were times he was beaten so bad, hospitalization was required. This was not done by other students, but by the staff. He spent 2 years here. He left with one perfected skill, which was how to better control and hide all the trauma he had experienced his entire life.

Now an adult, he met the first love of his life. To him, she loved him endlessly, she never wanted to be away from him, never wanted him to hurt, she made him feel wanted, loved, important, and valid. Her name... was heroin. When heroin came into his life, it made him feel for the first time that there was reason for living. In actuality, she was one more thing in his life that had no concern for him what so ever. He met a girlfriend; they would fight constantly. CyberMax decided he wanted more, and was ready to leave, start a new life. The girlfriend at the time felt if he didn’t want to be with her, he wouldn’t be with anyone. They were in New York at the time, and he had purchased a pocket knife in another state, In New York however, that size knife is a felony. She called the cops on him and had him arrested and sent to Rikers Island. While there, he was put on Methadone to help with his opioid addiction, only to be released to nothing, not even a single contact, name, organization, or resource. He had to search to find a rehab to come off the methadone given by the prison system.

Straight out of rehab, CyberMax met another woman. She too was fresh out of rehab. He was given a name of a person whom would help them get on their feet. Desperately he wanted to get his life straight. His female companion however, like any addict, just wanted to get high “one more time” He attempted suicide two separate times, one by cutting his arm, the other by hanging himself. Fortunately, both times were unsuccessful. She had the idea of robbing a Dennys to get money for drugs. He begged, pleaded, nothing was going to sway her mind. He got high on the drug Flakka, looking “like a monster” and sweating profusely, he made off with the entire till at Dennys. The money was spent on drugs for the two of them. He was contacted by his sister the next morning. She informed CyberMax that he and his girlfriend were on the news. His sister told him to come to her house so she could give them some money to leave with. As they pulled up to her house, they were surrounded by US MARSHALLS.

He was sentenced to two years in Prison. During this time, he was moved between 7 separate prisons. He was able to learn and start teaching job readiness, public speaking with toast masters, among many other useful skills that lit a fire inside of him like never before. Between his own experience having failed to find counseling for the severe depression and PTSD he suffered, stemming from the events he went through. Experiencing firsthand the lack of help that’s available for those who truly want to change and make a better life for themselves. From this, outreach services began to take life.

His personal experiences, and those which he witnessed, showed him the lack of help that’s truly available. He knew in order for someone who has been through these horrific ordeals, there needed to be a place they could go that could offer assistance in all facets of life. You can't fix problems without a complete solution. His experiences have been a driving force to help others have a chance of success, either it be from less than desirable decisions they’ve made on their own, or if they have been a victim of domestic or sexual abuse. Not stopping there, he saw a need for veterans as well. His idea for outreach is revolutionary. All the trauma and hardships he has endured, helping others has in returned allowed him to help and love himself, a concept he never knew...

Written by jenesis

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