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Shops shelves are starting to empty yet again, due to lack of drivers and low wage workers

I read in the express yesterday that food shelves was starting to go empty yet again, so I thought I'd go take a look and find out for myself and sure enough it was right, shelves are getting empty now this is not really a food shortage just yet, its just not having enough lorry drivers to get from a to b, plus manufacturers don't have enough staff, plus with ppl starting to panic buy as well don't help nothing, there is a shortage of lorry drivers of 100k, plus a shortage of food manufacturers and farm workers that is causing this problem, yet we have 1.6 million ppl unemployed and yet the government says there is a shortage, its not we don't have the ppl it's the training and the wages to pay for this work as they will will want at least the minimum wage to even except this, but a lot of farmers can't afford this, so maybe the government can help with that? They just paid many ppl furlough, so they could afford wage subsidiaries to help not only manufacturers and farmers get the workers they need as well as getting ppl off the unemployment lines and in that they will pay taxes, so some of that money will come back. Plus create more training companies to help ppl train into different work. There is lots of work out there but not enough trained ppl to do the job, that is something that has to change.

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