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Palestine journalists are being arrested

Today I'm going to talk about the Palestinian journalists that are being round up and arrested, Israel is blaming them for the media backlash that they have been getting, not realising the world is following them with a close eye and never mind that there own troops are on social media bragging on what there doing, I have footage of soldiers only arresting Palestinian journalists and leaving the Israeli journalists alone.

Now there has been 13 Palestinian journalists that been arrested without charge and was being held in Israeli facilities, some has been released there was 2 Palestinian journalists Zeina Halawani and cameraman Wahbe Mikkieh that have been released on Monday and put under house arrest and what did they do to be arrested? They was trying to cover when Israelis kicked out Palestinians out of there homes to put a Israeli settler families in them. So they don't want the truth coming out they attack Palestinians, force them out onto the streets to give everything to Israeli settlers. Also a woman journalist named Givara Budeiri was arrested and taken to an Israeli facilities but later she was released.

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