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Look at this soldier attacking this disabled man, yet you would think this a breach of rules right?

I'm sure they supposed to review these videos but it's getting clear these days that they can't be actually watching them because if they did then they would see the violence in this video, now I'm not reporting this to stop allowing these videos as ppl should report these videos, but what I am trying to do is show you is that tiktok has rules and really tiktok should be fair with these rules instead of have 1 rule for some groups and another set of rules for other groups, for those that has been on that side will know how they constantly tell you that you have breached there rules but then allow the same video to go out with some others, this is clearly not fair, it should be strict for all or what's the point of it all, how it feels right now is the ones tiktok is bullying is getting ppl really depressed and for some to the point of suicide and this is wrong, set the rules so all is equal before its to late

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