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London's deep water container gateway port

As Felixstowe and Suffolk ports are now clogged up, maersk has said it will send container vessels to London gateway port that is located near mucking, there sending container vessels there to keep operations going.

London gateway port is a relatively new deep water container port.

Only time will tell if moving shopping container vessels through this port will help relieve the congestion for the uk.

But other shipping container ports around the world is having the same problems. The congestion will continue until at least next year.

Since the world lockdown due to covid19 the ports have been clogged up with containers as companies have been closed and not receiving goods, now companies started up again and the world started to buy again there has been a mass influx of orders, but the haulage and ports could not keep up and the ports have come to a near stand still as they have run out of room through out the world, there is not enough hgv drivers to keep up with this mass influx of stock and it does not look like it will get any better any time soon.

Written by Wayne callaghan

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