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Joe Biden, & the covid vaccine mandates, Make it make sense!

Biden has made it no secret; he wants every American to get the covid 19 vaccine. Recently, going as far as doing everything he can to make it difficult for those who have not complied with this demand, including threats.

Biden has said the unvaccinated are the reason this virus still has a strong presence in the United States. Although leading scientist have already stepped up and proven that information to be the furthest thing from the truth. Infact, the vaccinated are “super spreaders” spreading the virus although vaccinated. Adding insult to injury, the exact same people who are vaccinated, are catching the covid 19 virus at alarming rates, which raises the question, what exactly is the purpose of this vaccination since it hasn’t stopped the transfer of the virus, and the severity of illness is still filling hospitals. Countless doctors and nurses have reported more then 75% of their covid patients are those who have already had and recovered from the covid virus, however currently fully vaccinated, yet the severity of their symptoms this go round more severe, requiring admittance into the hospital.

Knowing the above information, and no doubt far more than the American public will ever know, Biden continues on his conquest of every American vaccinated. Seemingly just like many other Biden plans, there's a serious link in the chain. Yes, Biden is trying to enforce any business that has 100 or more employees, must comply with his vaccination requirements, or the business will have serious monetary consequences. He also supports the airlines enforcing all passengers must be vaccinated, our entire military, not to mention so many more.

This certainly makes the American people, as well as others around the world, question several things about the vaccine, and the new rules which now surround it. why is it he is enforcing US citizen yet non-American citizens crossing into the United States over the border, or those whom have come via plane from Afghanistan, he believes it's their choice. There is something seriously wrong with this, not to mention, thousands upon thousands of non-vaccinated individuals invited by the very person whom says “I'm enforcing this vaccination to protect the American people” Really Joe? Really?? Your actions speak differently!

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