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Is the British gov trying to become dictators

Throughout this pandemic ppl have had covid19 and either survived or died from it.

But just because the gov is issuing vaccines out to the public does not mean we have to take it as the ppl have rights to refuse it. The vaccines they have created in the past has taken a long time to create and to test on ppl and because of the length of this testing they make sure its safe for ppl to take or not, now if these covid vaccines was so safe why don't they:-

1) give it out with insurance there will be no side effects and if there is you have the right to sue the pharmaceutical company that creates it like they do with other vaccines.

2) why sign a paper stating when you take it you can't claim compensation if anything bad happens to you.

so in reality you signed your health away to be tested on and be a test subject because after all they have no idea what these vaccines will do to you as it not been in a human body long enough to find out, that's why doctors and nurses monitor you more closely now, you are the testers.

You honestly think ppl in there right mind that know there rights will back down because a gov states they should.

Let me make this quite clear no one has the right to be God, no one has the power to over rule ppl on there rights to their own bodies and if your thinking well that that needs to change then, if you give that type of power to a government they will stop being a democratic country and they will be your dictators as you just handed over your rights.

Now for the government sending out doctors to ppls door, have they forgotten that the ppl of england have rights that they can't breach, our bodies, our choice, if you send out medical teams to ppls doors you are not saying its your choice you are threatening ppl.

Has the government forgotten, they are elected ppl in a government from the ppl that was voted in by the ppl that gives them the power to be in charge. There is laws in this country that not even the mps are above, they have to follow the law too.

Now if this virus is so bad then why do governments breach the rules that they set, why do they seem to think the virus will not touch them or they can't spread it because vaccine or no vaccine you can still catch it and you can still spread it, you know why? they keep coming out with new vaccine because it don't work for long if at all, but here is the thing, How many vaccines will ppl need to take? no one knows because this virus will not back down and not only that the virus will always be around now, its not going no where. So if the unvaccinated choose to live there lives there way that is up to them.

its there right as free ppl just like anyone else.

For ppl has taken the vaccine know this if you feel its helping you that's great, but just because you think it is doing something doesn't make it so. WHY? Because this virus is only getting stronger hence the viruses mutating and MAKING its self immune to the vaccine and thats why new vaccines will have to be made to combat it, but still remember these vaccines like all vaccines have side effects and every time you put a new vaccine into you it does not mean your safe from from it or the virus as there is no guarantee in these vaccines.

so every time you take a new one you are putting your health at risk as no one really knows what the new one will do to you, now if the unvaccinated choose to live a life outside that and choose to spend that same life without that vaccine in their system and remember there is no guarantee the vaccine is working, then that's up to them.

Just like its their rights and their right do die their way.

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