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Is kate middleton, the duchess of Cambridge the new light for the royal family?

With all the scandals that has happened from the royal family of late, the duchess of Cambridge has started to show a side of herself that is starting to pave a way out of that and show the good side of the royal family.

Kate middleton is starting to show more of her personality and showing the world there is a new way forward for the royal family, Kate middleton is showing more class and showing she is ready to be queen consort, like many out there are saying that prince william and the duchess of Cambridge would the better king and Queen as they are truly showing that they are more in touch with people, the ppl can relate to kate that has not been seen in the royal family for some time, with all the stories coming out about prince andrew and the Duke and duchess of Sussex showing a bad light on the royal family, there is 1 royal that is there that shows the world that she is ready to lead. Who else thinks Kate middleton is the new way forward to the royal family?

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