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Harry writes a new book revealing all: yet harry and Meghan says they wanted privacy, in what way?

Prince Harry and Meghan markle said they was leaving there royal duties because they was being harrassed by the British press, yet since they left we have been harrassed daily of how they want there lives to be, no offence but we never asked them to constantly harrass us with there constant boohooing.

Listen to what these ppl say, they have a point. If prince harry and Meghan did like the others did and disappeared, I think we be much happier not hearing about there lives. You want privacy great then shut up and work to secure your family, not constantly complaining how crap your life is now, I'm sorry not everyone was born with a silver spoon up there backsides and given everything.

Pls stop your constant moaning about your crap life and work to make it better, but honestly nothing you will say and do will make things better for you.

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