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Harry says he wants to take his own journalist to dianas memorial, what why?

Harry has stated that he wants to take his own journalist to follow him around at his mother's memorial.

Is it only me that finds this stupid?

He said that he had to leave the royal family and his royal duties because of the british press harassing him and his wife and child, but since going to LA the press there has also been doing worse than the British press since they left and not only that they are going to the press, doing TV shows advertising there life and now is paying press to follow him, I got to ask was all this a publicity stunt, this is why I'm asking why do we indulge this type of action, Harry is trying to stick it to his family and as specially his dad prince charles as he does not fail to direct his fury at him, prince charles will not be at the diana memorial as he stated he will leave it to his sons.

When are we going to learn that Harry is trying to use the LA press to stick it to his dad, as he has clear daddy issues and we are all here being forced to listen to his constant boo hooing of a lad that had a silver spoon shoved up his arse.

As for meghan she has made out she is the victim in everything, really so she didn't know what marrying a prince would entail, Google could tell you everything about the royals and your telling me she never once looked Harry up and the royal family, she was the one that said yes to Harry right, she wasn't forced to marry Harry there wasn't snipers in the church and them telling her if she didn't marry Harry something bad was going to happen, of course not, so why on earth do we believe she is a victim.

Let's face it there selling everything for cash to pay for there new life style, it doesn't matter who they sell out as long as they get a lot of money for the story.

Tell me who else has seen there life and thought that's a lot more than I got in life and all you see is them complaining about it, when all we are trying to do is make ends meet, struggling to get by and what do we hear off this rich boy, that he was not been listen too and that the rich indulgence that his rich dad gave him was cut off, well boo hoo, daddy cut him off, well welcome the real world Harry, it's hard isn't it, now shut up moaning and get working for a change and stop selling everyone under the bus to fund your rich indulgency, graft like we all have to, to get by, but don't forget he has millions in the bank as well, don't we wish we had that? But we have to read about them moaning that most of us only dream about. I say it as I see it, there is millions of ppl struggling to survive and they show there's off and when do you see them really struggling in life, in fact where do you see the bags under there eyes for looking after there kids and work as well, as many out there would know how hard it is and you look at them and they look fresh and not a sag under there eyes they don't do the daily looking after of archie or lillibet thats there nannies job, so they are complaining about there lives really they should try living our lives on our budgets and see if they can cope, they would soon come back begging for forgiveness.

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