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harrowing moment's in history during Halloween

Over the years, Halloween has changed immensely! When I was younger, costume selections were nowhere near as abundant like they are today. They were predominantly cheap plastic, with hard plastic mask known to scratch the top and sides of ones face. Batman, Spiderman, he-man, strawberry shortcake, gi-joe,Most of the time kids would meet up and go together getting as far away from mom and dad as possible. Every parent had the same rules.. No apples, No homemade baked goodies,unless its from someone you know well. No eating the candy until a parent or adult looks at everything. The reason why?

In 1968 a seven year old child was given an apple with a razor hidden within. The apple was immediately given to the police.

In 1974 Ronald O'Brian poisoned pixy sticks with cyanide and handed them out to neighborhood kids, as well as his son and daughter. The only child that died from them was his own son. The part of the story no one seems to know however, is the father had taken out a very large life insurance policy on his children just days before halloween.

Throughout the 20th century there has been fewer then 90 instances with reported candy tampering and that came between years 1958 to 1983.

Those cases were mainly sewing pins found in fun size candy bars.

In 2000 James Smith put Sewing needle in a candy bar, Fortunately the child who received it, did not receive any major injuries. People who typically do this kind of thing, do it as a prank, or to "teach a child a lesson"

This started the urban stories we hear today. It's estimated, every elementary and middle school someone in the school "knows" someone who's someone who received "deadly candy", when thats simply not true.

The stories you hear now come from one of two sources, children playing to the urban stories or worse parents trying to sue the candy companies or individuals they don't care for claiming the tampered candy came from them.

Due to what has happened in the past, most hospitals will xray children's candy for free.

So remember, safety during this time of year is the up most importance for our children. However, its equally important to discuss 99.8% of the homes who participate in trick or treating, do it simply to put a smile on children's faces, not to harm them.

So stay safe, and have a very

Happy Halloween!

By Jenesis

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