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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

There's a few things I'd like to share with you before you commence reading this story. Due to the nature of this story, I encourage you to use the information I will provide at the end of the story to hopefully facilitate and assist with your own research validating and learning far more pertaining to this story.

Phil Schneider born April 23, 1947 worked as a geologist and a engineer for over 17years with our government and military on several seriously high classified jobs. Most notably building two classified DUMB’S “deep underground military bases. One of which Dulce located in New Mexico. There is information that can easily be found on that specific base because of in insolent that happened in 1974 where 60 secret service agents got into a firefight with the aliens due to a miscommunication. The aliens Fought back with lasers. Schneider stated he was hit in the chest by a laser and needed medical treatment. He was only one of three humans that survived this battle which led to the base being rendered permanently closed.

In 1995 Schneider gave a speech that would change life as we know it at the prepareness expo. After he introduced himself “what I'm going to tell you is shocking but true. I've already had an assassination attempt on my life 16 days ago in fear I would share this information with others. But you deserve to know! "Schneider and one of friends whom also worked in the same line, started a magazine about aliens. This business lasted only a short time until his friend was found dead. Cause of death listed as a suicide. There for anytime Schneider spoke about aliens, he made it very clear that he was NOT suicidal and if ever found dead, it was murder.

He started off with our government and military are well aware of aliens. In fact there's things dated as far back as 1909 proving collaboration between the two. there are 11 different alien races on earth. Only 2 of which are benevolent. The remaining 9 view humans as a food source. Not all cannibals, some only interested in the secretions of human and animal glands to make a vitamin mixture for food. There are also those whom get high with human adrenalin.

Schneider continued explaining there were DUMB’s and how these bases have been built with no one being the wiser. that's because 28 % of the national gross is automatically taken and distributed to those specifically In Charge of dumbs finances. That was approximately 500 million dollars were allocated to the black project that congress didn’t even know about.

Every DUMB and active base were all connected by a magneto Leverton train. This advanced technology has the ability to move at speeds mach 2 and greater. That's how things were kept such a secret. The reasons for some of the bases even more surprising! Hidden extraterrestrials- human hybrids, and extraterrestrial-animal hybrids living together there. The humans that reside with the aliens are completely at our government's mercy.There were18 thousand workers who lived and worked full time there. They never left the base, as they lived and died underground.

In 1995 Schneider claimed there were 131 active dumbs, and 1477 underground bases, some functioning, some not. Each base only took 1 to 2 years to build using highly advances tools and lasers that would liquidly rock in seconds, leaving a smooth surface. These bases cost somewhere in the ball park of 17 to 19 billion dollars each.

He continued saying 1954 the then President Eisenhour and our leading officials signed an agreement with the extraterrestrials. This is right around the same time period when another story of aliens having direct contact with Eisenhour and our government surfaced. The agreement signed is called the 1954 greada treaty. Very few people have ever heard of this, yet its well documented by reputable sources./ Several things are included in the treed. It starts with in exchange for advanced alien technology our government agreed to some of the following terms. Aliens could experiment on a small number of humans and castle for the exchange of technology. They could abduct a number of humans and bring them to majestic 12. The names of said humans were to be given to the government. The humans they used in experiments; they were to be returned when done exactly where they were abducted, and their memory was also supposed to be wiped clean. In exchange for them giving us advanced technology, They requested the world leadership be handed over to them because in their opinion we haven't ever shown the ability to act on what is right for the human race. Not once have they ever seen the entire world complete harmony. There for one of their request was for the planet leadership to be handed over to them. Since there is not a single country whom has control over every country, the only way that could be accomplished is by implementing a one world government...the new world order. The new world order and the alien agenda are the same. The complete takeover of our planet, in addition, decreasing our population 5/6 to 7/8 before the year 2029 when this change is to talk place. In addition to this, the treaty is signed and adjusted every 10 years. The ways in impacts the world and humanity is shocking beyond belief. About as shocking as each of us now knowing a thing about it, and decisions have been made up till now which includes each human.

During President Trumps term, he gave the pentagon 6 months to release information to the public about aliens and UFO’s. No other president or any other military or government official has ever done that, so as far as this is concerned, kudos to him!! His term fell within the 10-year treaty resign. Coincidence, I think not! Laura Eisenhour (who is Eisenhour's great granddaughter) has been involved with the aliens since the initial contact. She stated she was keen to meet with Trump and enlighten him from her wealth of knowledge.She is actively involved in things like the stargate, close encounters, and cosmic encounters conference Paul Schneider is not the only well-respected person to make such drastic claims. Tim Anderson whom was a police officer for Dulce claimed he had seen a UFO that lit up the entire sky. Paul Bennewitz whom has a PhD. Has studied Dulce, and believes it’s a war sight between human and aliens for sometime Schneider unfortunately died shortly after speaking at a convention. Oddly enough, his death was ruled a suicide. His ex-wife spoke with the coroners office who told her he killed himself with a catheter cord around his neck. There was also a huge scar across his chest which could certainly validate his claim being hit by an alien lazer in the 1974 Dulce incident. Schneider was handicap towards the end of his life, family stated “there is no possible way he committed suicide, he made it perfectly clear if anything happened other than by natural cause, it was murder” Without doubt, the Greada treaty is very real! The contents within is unbelievable. I HIGHLY encourage you to research how little our human lives are worth in our government's eyes. To research any information and more pertaining to this story, use research words Paul Schneider WITH one or more of the following,1957, whistleblower, UFO, alien, Dulce, underground base, greada treaty.



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