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Florida Sheriff Using tactics like no other

Sheriff Wayne Ivey with the Brevard County Sheriff's office has certainly taken techniques to a whole new level. Of course, we expect every business and government agency to have some sort of social media, but should there be guidelines of professionalism, or should they follow a certain protocol?

Sheriff Ivey has put a new twist on things, taking social media by storm stating “Florida sheriff looking to return $2 million in marijuana to rightful owner, it’s the very least we can do!”

Ivey argues “we always strive to do the right things; our narcotics agents are trying to identify the rightful owner of the approx.. 770 lbs. Of marijuana that was seized from a mini-storage facility in Viera. He continues saying once we properly identify you as the rightful owner, we will gladly return your property and also make sure that both you and your property are kept in a secure area so no one can try to rip you off! Additionally offering a staycation for the owner to think about exactly how much your lost property means to you.

Sheriff Ivey is known on social media as “the most politically incorrect sheriff in the county” using humor to engage the public. On one of his social media platforms, his most notable game is “wheel of Fugitive” where he spins a wheel of fugitives to determine the fugitive of the week”

Ivey always encourages the fugitives to turn themselves in, just as he has encouraged the owner of the 770 lbs. Of marijuana to reach out to the narcotic agents at his department.

Of course, this unusual method of communication will lure both young and older individuals to peek at his media sights, but could he have possibly taken it just a bit to far?

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