Dayton Ohio police assault on a paraplegic

Clifford Owensly 39, and his 3 year old son were in his white audi, when pulled over by Dayton police. He assumed he was getting a ticket for his window tint being too dark. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case at all.

Unknown to Clifford, the officer actually pulled him over because he believed Clifford had left a home currently under surveillance for illegal drugs.

Clifford claims he went to his previous properties to remove his cable boxes so he could return them.

The officer instructed Clifford to get out the car, When Clifford explained that he was a paraplegic and could not exit the car without assistance. Instantly the officer became irrate, just as another officer stepped on to the scene. The officers started yelling at Clifford telling him to exit the vehicle immediately! The entire time Clifford saying officer, I am a paraplegic, I cannot step out of the vehicle.

Clifford's car door was now open, the officers could clearly see the makeup of Clifford's body, And how his legs Motionless. What happened next, Is disgusting beyond belief!

The 2 Caucasian officers, grabbed Clifford by his dreadlocks, and started pulling him out of the car. Clifford in fear of his life, attempted to desperately hold on to the car Steering wheel, until his grip was broke and then the police threw him on the street. The entire time Clifford streaming officer I'm a paraplegic I'm not resisting I cannot stand! Cliffords Attempt to give the officers information quickly turned to him screaming for help!

People near the scene quickly grabbed their phones, and started recording the situation. You can clearly see a quadriplegic man,on the ground strapped up begging for help!

The officers wanted to know where his 3 year olds safety seat was.. Clifford mentioned that he was a quadriplegic and could not handle the seat on his own without help. He was home alone with his son that day.

The police stated in their report that they had planned to pull Clifford over, and search his car with a K9. Police policy is, the driver and passenger must step out of the car for a search to be performed. Thats police policy.

Although in Clifford's past, he has been arrested and charged with narcotic and gun felonies, that played absolutely NO role in this situation. Infact, I see no reason the police department even mentioned this in the interviews!

They did do a search, finding no illegal drugs or firearms whatsoever. They did find $23k which The narcotics K9 did alert on that money, meaning that the money had been in close proximity to illegal drugs,” police said.

The police brought Clifford to the hospital to get checked out, then to the jail, but did not book him.

They gave Clifford a ticket for no car seat for his son, and a ticket for his windows, then released him.

Police brutality has absolutely got to stop worldwide! When a disabled individual is pulled from their car simply because the officer isn't listening, there is a big problem! This is also a clear violation of Clifford's rights.

The NAACP caught wind of the story and has stepped in to help Clifford. Charges are being pressed on the two Caucasian officers, as well as Dayton PD.

A police spokesman said that not all stops are nice, people lie all the time about their abilities.. Understandably so, there are individuals with legitimate disabilities, that are valid and should not be doubted under any circumstances!

Clifford stated this incident has effected him in many ways. Not only has he been incredibly embarrassed, he now suffers from nightmares as well.

Matt Carter the police departments interm director and chief said " we all can do better. This can be done by developing mutual respect and accountability"

I absolutely agree with Mr. Carters statement about accountability. That department is a complete embarrassment of law enforcement and needs to be held accountable for their actions towards Clifford!!

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