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Boris johnson blames the ppl for all his failures as a prime minister during this pandemic

For 2 yrs now the world has been trying to fight covid 19, our government has been saying stay at home and save the nhs, which I find odd that they should say this when its them that has been underfunding the nhs for a long time, every time there was a budget they would tell the government what they would need to keep functioning and the government would tell them they would have to deal with the amount they was going to give them, for yrs the nhs has been stripping back its services to keep going even just before the pandemic hit we all witnessed the government telling the nhs they would have to cut back even more because they need the money to pay for the deficit, then the pandemic hit the world and the gov was asking the nhs that they was screwing over yr after yr to help the nation through this, now don't forget the nhs has been stripping services down bit by bit for yrs not to mention hospitals because it was under funded and could no longer keep functioning as hospitals had the lack of funding, not only did they shut hospitals down they had a major lack of staff as well, now the pandemic has had a massive impact on the underfunded organisation of the nhs, for yrs it lost staff due to this, when the nhs was starting to get over welmed this was not due to high amounts of ppl flooding in off the streets for having covid19 its because they had a lack of staffing and hospitals to keep them going, they even did a national out cry for all ex nurses and doctors to help with staffing, this was all due to do with what the government created through stripping back the nhs in funding and they was not the only services they underfunded over the yrs.

Yet I never saw mps losing out, all we saw was mps getting pay rises even tho we had to take pay cuts to keep companies going. Now what I find interesting is this, the gov message to the ppl has always been stay at home and save the nhs, now that is exactly what ppl did, so ppl stayed away and never got the treatment for cancers and surgeries, but now when these ppl die because they couldn't get treatment. Yet to pay for the nhs our taxes have to be raised and we all have to pay for this, yet what's the government's way of doing this, stopping ppl from working and all that money they said they didn't have for yrs came out of no where to pay for furlough and pay for the ppe contracts, oh yes let's talk about the ppe contracts the government made and screwed all that up, yet did we get any of that money back? Nope.

Yet this was a private company that did this and the government approved it. Now what I'd like to know is why has the government not tried to claim this money back after all this is tax payers money they used. Now let's talk about that where did all the money come from that paid for all this, we was a broke nation where we was told we had to cut back and take pay cuts to pay for the deficit and then a pandemic hit and the gov was spending like they was rich. Yet do you see the mps struggling at all? They make the decisions and we deal with the back lash but do you really see mps struggling for there decisions? No they continue having parties and telling us we not allowed to get together.

There is rules for us and they choose if they want to follow the rules, how many mps do you actually see with masks? Not many, look on TV watch them in house of commons, even boris doesn't wear a mask, so what does that tell you. They get us to argue among each other but no one ever questions how many mps spread the virus inside parliament and to others because they refuse to follow guidelines. Yet do you see police coming into Parliament and arresting those that refuse to follow guidelines? Yet again no you don't, the police allow the gov to get away with a lot, why?

See its ease for boris to blame us for the pandemic, but its his decisions that make our lives hell.

Why is it when they make decisions and it cost ppls lives they get away with it but when we do it we go to prison for it.

Boris and his gov is making decisions that will cost ppl their lives and there livelihoods and yet they stay safe, time has come when we have to ask who we have in power are they above the law and decisions they make dont have no any consequences.

It comes down to this, are we the ppl losing the rights to make those in parliment accountable for their actions?

Written by Wayne callaghan

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