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Australian government kidnapped 24k children from parents to take them to a stadium to give them jab

The Australian government collected 24k kids from there parents and if any of the parents refused they was arrested and the kids would be forcibly taken away from them. They told them they would be perfectly safe and nothing would happen to them, yet 2 kids that was taken to this arena and given the jab has since died.

So this is what governments do now is it, they talk about the rights of the ppl and the fight for democracy, but as soon as a virus comes along your rights are taken away and remember your body your choice, if you want to take it or not, but according the Australian government your rights as free ppl has gone and yet this is supposed be a government that is elected in, they just over ruled the ppl and took kids by force and injected 24k kids and at the min 2 kids have died from the jab. Now think, if there doing this to kids when are there going to start collecting others to put in camps if you don't comply to there ways, when did an elected government become a dictator. When will it be enough, what's coming next if you don't comply to the next thing they want, lets check something, we the ppl that live in a democratic country is seeing our freedoms stripped from us, bit by bit and we sit here and let it happen.

What have we become?

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