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Americas ports in crisis

2 of the busiest ports in america port of Los Angeles and ports or New York and new Jersey are backed up with containers, its due to the breakdown in the supply chain network after a fall in shipping demand in the early days of the pandemic of 2020, now due to a surge or orders in the end of that year has caused delays and blockages from around the world due to old stock in containers waiting to be collected while trying to unload new containers with new stock has caused a hold up in supplies. The white house has stepped in last month making southern california ports a 24/7 operation, but supply chains don't think this will work due to warehouses and trucking firms are not sticking to the same schedule, even by doing this by opening southern California ports to 24/7 won't do much as its only 1 or 2% of the work and won't even make any difference. holding up stock from the beginning of the pandemic has caused a backlog that they can't move and that has had the average truck stood idling more than the previous 3 yrs. There has been a hold on orders throughout the world and due to this has caused a chaos they can't control. They have that much stock in the ports they can't take in new stock until they have moved the old stock. This has caused shipping vessels to be anchored and waiting to be unloaded. There is currently 79 shipping vessels on the coast of southern california waiting to be unloaded. This not just in america though, this is happening world wide. They blame it on lack of hgv drivers, but there is no lack of drivers just to much stock to shift that has been held in ports world wide, this problem will not go away, it could be the world's problem till 2023

Written by Wayne callaghan

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