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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

On August 23,2021, every state in America's news headlines read COVID 19 VACCINE RECEIVES FULL FDA APPROVAL! Immediately upon that information being released, many large businesses,” as well as the United States military mandated “receive your vaccine, or lose your job.”

To date, thousands of nurses, doctors, countless military personnel, and others have already, or are in the process of being dismissed from their jobs since the full approval.

But there's a problem! Not a single one of the covid 19 vaccines in America have full FDA approval what so ever!!! The government and media knowingly told only part of the information. The reason, to allow the vaccine mandates to be pushed through, and that’s exactly what has happened.

The truth of the matter is, the FDA EXTENDED the EMERGENCY USE of the vaccine in America, gave full approval on the drug “Comirnaty” which is NOT even available in the United States! So the drug Comirnaty has full FDA approval, not the covid 19 vaccine. Clearly if they were the same drug, both would have received full FDA approval, and that just isn't the case.

Ron Johnson a Wisconsin senator sent a letter 3 days after the approval asking the FDA why they haven't given full approval for the vaccine available in the United States, and as of Oct, 1st, he has received no response.

Sadly, because this information is not well known, people are still relying on the media to bring current and accurate information which is now censored and tailored to what the government wants you to hear. With the vaccine still only covered under emergency approval, technically businesses have no right to let people go whom have not received the vaccine yet.

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