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America:- The Law(s) of the Land???

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

In case you didn't know, all of the state's in the U.S. have their own laws. Whereas some of these laws deal with criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, assault, murder, Etc.

The laws I am tend to focus on however, deal with a vast tapestry of strange, unique, and most of all downright hilarious issue. Please enjoy that present a rundown of 10 of my favorite strange laws ( these laws are still in the books in their respective States, mind you. One last thing before we get into this- keep in mind that at one point oh, someone had to give the states a reason to put these laws into the books! Food for thought, indeed!!

10) in Arizona, it is illegal to let a donkey sleep in your bathtub.

9) in Maryland, sleeveless shirts are banned in all public parks.

8) in Kentucky a woman cannot marry the same man 4 times.

7) in Indiana, you can't ride a horse over 10 miles an hour.

6) in Texas, you cannot sell a human eyeball.

5) in Missouri, it is forbidden for one to wrestle a bear.

4) in Mississippi, a restaurant cannot be forced to provide nutrition labels.

3) in Tennessee, it is illegal to share your Netflix password.

2) in Connecticut, a pickle is only considered to be legitimate if it bounces.

Now, before my absolute favorite of these strange laws, I just want to point out that this particular law could and should be relevant and still enforced in all 50 states! So, without further ado...

1) in New Mexico, it is illegal for "idiots" to vote!!

Written by: Cody Westover

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