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America fertilise there dead

Did you know in america in 2019 they legalised to use of humans as fertiliser.

These are the pods they use and they place the body in a closed vessel laying the body on wood chippings, alfalfa and straw grass and 30 days later the remains are ready to be collected and the news tell you its going to happen, but its been happening for 2 yrs, it started in San Francisco and worked to other states since then.

It's unbelievable how most ppl out there are unaware that this type of thing is happening and they use humans as fertiliser. Just makes you wonder if they been making human fertiliser for 2 yrs on a trial basis and this yr in seattle Washington they open one.

They open the first facilties in January 2021.

Thanks to the seattle Times,BBC news and sciencealert that I collected pictures from them to make this article.

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