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Afghan man that saved bidens life and left to die

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

There has never been an American president in history up till now, who has attempted to control the things we say, as well as the information & stories that the media share. I now understand why so many things are now censored; it was to hopefully prevent this, & many other stories from surfacing.

In February of 2008,the then senators Joe Biden, John Kerry, & Chuck Hagel went to Asad Abad, Afghanistan. While there, they visited the governor's office in Kunar, east of Kabul.

One afternoon, Senator Biden on one Blackhawk, & Senator Kerry D-Mass & Chuck Hagel on the other, when they encountered a blinding snowstorm forcing both Blackhawks to make an emergency landing 10,500 feet high up in the mountains, in dangerous territory. The area was not under Taliban control, however the day before the Taliban killed two dozen Talban insurgents exactly 10 miles from here the Blackhawks came to rest

A private security team previously known as Blackwater, as well as US Army soldiers stood watch for Taliban fighters as the crew called Bagram Air Base for help.

The 82nd Airborne Division & “an Afghan Interpreter” Mohammad, jumped in the Humvee, traveling hours in whiteout conditions to rescue the then senators.

Over the past years, Mohammad has continued working alongside of United States Military. He even applied for a visa, to learn the defense contractor he worked for lost his records.

When the Taliban recently took control of Kabul, Mohammad attempted to go to the gates, but was told by US forces they would allow him on but not his wife and kids. Its publicly known if the Taliban find Mohammad, or his family, they will be killed immediately.

Active US soldiers have stated Mohammad has been at their side in hundreds of firefights, as countless Army Vets have said the same. Everyone in agreement Mohammad should have been one of the first to be evacuated.

The US have evacuated thousands upon thousands of evacuees from the Taliban since Aug.14, the highest number of evacuations in one day was 19,000 to include over 5,500 American. With all the evacuations that have already been executed, why are there still thousands of Afghan interpreters left behind, & hundreds of Americans.

Mohammad had a brief conversation with a reporter from the wall street Journal while at Kabul airport, where he asked the reporter to kindly relay an urgent message that stated

“Hello Mr., President, Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here”

Knowing Mohammed risked his own life to save Biden, as well as the other two senator's, with no questions asked, seeing the lack of appreciation or favor return by Biden, it certainly is an eye opener.

The president has put absolutely no effort in helping Mohammad and his family escape, the same man whom saved Bidens life. His lack of compassion has shown the American & Afghan people he is a cold, heartless, and callus man. He hasn’t taken a single minute to save Mohammad. That tells the story to the United States citizens, that Mr. Biden is NOT concerned with our safety and well-being.

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